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Lifting Equipment

We carry out thorough examinations, in-service inspections, prior to purchase inspections and accident investigations in order to ensure that our clients comply with their statutory obligations. These obligations are stated under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1972, Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998 and Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998. Lifting equipment is work equipment used for lifting and lowering loads. It includes the attachments used for supporting, anchoring and fixing equipment.

In order to comply with LOLER regulations, the systematic and detailed examination of the equipment and safety-critical parts, must be carried out at specified intervals by a competent person who must then complete a written report. The LOLER Approved Code of Practice and Guidance states that:

'You should ensure that the person carrying out a thorough examination has such appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of the lifting equipment to be thoroughly examined as will enable them to detect defects or weaknesses and to assess their importance in relation to the safety and continued use of the lifting equipment.'

Although the competent person may often be employed by another organisation, this is not necessary, provided they are sufficiently independent and impartial to ensure that in-house examinations are made without fear or favour. This means that you are not restricted to the Engineering Inspector proposed by your Insurer or Broker. They are often extremely expensive and we would always recommend you seek quotes from alternative providers (such as ourselves).

Examinations should be conducted:

  • Every six months for lifting equipment used for lifting/lowering persons e.g. access platforms (including forklift trucks and telehandlers which can be fitted with man baskets), passenger lifts and window cleaning equipment.
  • Every six months for lifting attachments (tackle) e.g. eyebolts, slings shackles and chains.
  • Every twelve months for all lifting equipment not falling into either of these categories.

We provide inspections for all types of lifting equipment, including:

  • Lifting Tackle (Slings, shackles, Eyebolts etc)

  • Forklift trucks and Vehicle Tailgates

  • Cranes (Mobile and overhead)

  • Garage Equipment (Vehicle lifts, trolley jacks, bottle jacks, axle stands etc)

  • Construction Equipment (Dumpers, loadalls, excavators and attachments etc).

  • Farm Equipment (Hydraulic attachments, shovels etc).

  • Racking and fixed shelving

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